Signature Automation, LLC was founded in 2012. Our founders bring over 65 years of combined automation experience. Headquartered just outside of Dallas, Texas in the beautiful Town of Addison, we have a long history of providing high quality, reliable automation engineering services based on current and future industry trends. Our attention to detail and our strong client focus allows Signature Automation to stand out above the rest.


Signature Automation holds several certifications to better serve our clients. We are certified by the City of Austin and the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency as a Minority Business Enterprise and by the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency as an Emerging Small Business Enterprise, a Small Business Enterprise and a Minority Business Enterprise. Additionally, we are registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and with the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration as a Professional Engineering Services firm.


Our staff has successfully partnered with leading engineering and integration firms throughout the nation to better serve our clients. The relationships we have developed with these entities have fostered our growth and enhanced the overall services we can offer to our clients.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in providing a superior product. We achieve this by working closely with our clients to determine their exact needs and follow the implementation of those requirements through rigorous testing before the final product is released. The complexity and thoroughness of our testing leaves little to the imagination or chance. It is our goal to provide a turnkey product that is truly turnkey, not something that requires significant modifications or programming in the field. Our goal is to make the commissioning process as optimal as possible and to inspire client confidence in everything we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier automation solutions provider in the region by providing quality, reliable services. Signature Automation will provide reliable automation today for a long and dependable future.

Plan • Program • Startup


Rick Hidalgo, P.E.

Brett Whitaker

Kevin Patel, P.E.